Tags Unicode Character Table

v broken heart oh worried bear baked arrow zzz bowed hear cheeks hut bake joke hand birdie cart demon break wc green arabic keep marrow af math bribe ab kb marker regret burrow ga corrupt ta ar 00 ra charge begging karaoke calf bur heart bar being ca barium hp jalp gun an jjyp sad boring bigger cup aa angel latin care dialog clay hoist adroit won suspension ec eyes one head guot jegg pulse kiss claus sneaker hug transgender symbol boulder juj cd road bicycle looking dancing ng female bedding cip worker deum brick celebration hold reverse relaxed mt bomb jjweok star mind blown aw om money open hands -1 gesture ka bath cooking kweogg paw prints tm ls ribbon earlier rat note dwelp yulb helmet broad open bright tailoring beauty marks eub hotdog make beat na kam face vomiting lumber border accent blue heart satisfied dam la aware type 4 lying face tired floppy ai ah 55 meat oi og large rabbit feet lab jy banjo atheist cy revolving orange heart fairy key az keen crying face locked skeptic white em cakes 100 comic morning bubble ugly duckling jjwec part dashing away wave crochet end correct bug knit ic sled fruit umbrella ancient breeze art breach breed excited pa lizard order imbibe lf backward cold fantasy mask weary makeup man running: dark skin tone rugby dwils sweat breast beach ge ja arrest kum evolution burned ed koed dejected gueh ag uu create whirlwind locker id freezing ear bread home record ken career inefficient jwelp bok choy juice aaru harbour need coc cwegg hocho array alien belt berries mad hooray degree cobble devil cover crook backwards broken pc rr carry oc water amoeba fireworks keoh creature at grin tv upward rek cyag ferry dupe top “secret” va exhibit leg 12 dharma geometric eh upside-down sob black flag in hole nazar back archaic kho kas halo hat up dance minibus mahjong of about ddelb jwels wink yum prize crooked theater cinema bait keycap: 9 combining ee friend kuox ddas kin death kneel conga number beseech agree cheek bbuox love vomit whew cooked briefs arepa ears afraid dc kweog floor neutral poop cupid 10:00 jacket blood erect eod geek clown metal ferment bearded jwad cwigg fear cry jockey lock mining ache auger ddaelg meogs kog keum laugh mexican beads saw cask combine blush nerd elect kaegg uneven eyes wedding cheese engine on left smirk manager cream snorkeling bean ea cwebs heartbeat ewe ek embrace ug joeb wicked ox kitchen knife abcd rung cracks rwebs mabs mec caj adore backhand man shrugging chair up arrow free beaver elf: light skin tone nearby hly cool lips nut freeze former accord bc jog quiet rushed ping pong ch mouth mercy mark weight cookie derelict barrier pita haa oo jaec smiling face afro goat garden hoop double knocking rout hlur sleepy face icicles dung bird check hook log keycap: * ev bounce barge hmur julb jwegs ceobs ill two hearts bricks warning non-drinking numbers naan gje korean nyop kolg dazed valentine puzzle belong bowels blubber brains greens caek kaj eye grinning waving men with bunny ears laptop boomerang cad kwegg party red ogre beating candy meridians o’clock shirt kuss orange collision nail male diving ferris frame among jabs winking face frown angry crossbones robot wry ask hair bearer jiaozi iceberg goal boot woman mountain biking: light skin tone ot bore det jyigg kuk unamused kissing cat underarm piece chains up-down arrow eekaa brim cowboy nervous curious herd row creeks ceu heart decoration hibiscus wrap mute vhs wrench concertina man singer: light skin tone rolp see child happy dancer unicorn skunk flower box houses heel cl mirror bracket away crew hmut waelt innocent cap parrot shrine weather no uppercase depart crush meh horns boom suit herb garlic congee electric vat digit glue borne chep face wolf dice ココ crouch ggwelh ryen caec sun brown women glass bulb new comfort ddalg weok lie sleep dizzy woozy face poo chick earbud ballot fingers coiled evergreen aelt jwed jwing caelt kis joy monkey father gene right heavy keycap: 7 hpwg earnest bbep mox kaeh koek closed red heart dash selfie cake eight label set bed burnt entreat rrup dwi rweg jjeubs kelg thinking rock haircut fork chess unlocked brush foot: medium-dark skin tone keycap: 3 doing backbone besides myad ceud face with head-bandage tipsy skull camera ginger onion mug hashi chime field dart qp alifu cweb tear sneezing face monster cat ironic deer four porkchop empanada am deceit armed bbuo dwegs jwas jjwek koeb keulg hearts whoops zipper gesundheit imp mail hole crêpe poultry foot: medium skin tone fierce regard hubbub rugged canvas kur dyeb dwilb byung jjael jjwah goofy smirking face unhappy hundred boar leafy green burrito bisque hit wisent view cr describe aroma grief could blimb kes skin tone outlined zipper-mouth face hot yawning face purple chicken cereal wine eleven bathing suit package flag climb ear: medium-light skin tone satisfying courier kuj horn persevere speak deaf blow clock drop vice breath reckon ddoeb jaelh jweolm ceg totally ghost letter growing heart hundred points bow engineer resort football family: man, girl forbid joelg type 1–2 horrible deadpan ball proud gift wrapped queen currency shower east minus baby: dark skin tone carpet mwag eyeroll splashing hike religion night two game dress hiking sax man pouting: dark skin tone repress feverish astonished punctuation body wood keycap: 8 walki py smile kissing face with closed eyes stunned wizard opening woman golfing: light skin tone face with tongue hugging sick injury sneeze goblin doubt squirrel butter coin grow woolen grinning face grain sandwich candle bookkeeping type 5 expressionless confounded growing clap dark raised fist: light skin tone taste stuffy fearful swearing cat with tears of joy evil iron chickpea performing organ fairy: medium-light skin tone face with open mouth help tray keycap: 0 hot face scream yawn black heart boxing target science cowgirl rage transgender grimace drooling hurt frowning face with open mouth munch heart with ribbon slightly frowning face triumph pensive sweating pouting yellow score waving hand: dark skin tone red-faced frostbite sad but relieved face fairy tale pile of poo sparkle farming type 3 zany face shocked heart with arrow eggplant face savoring food woman kneeling: light skin tone dark skin tone type 6 puppy eyes forbidden flushed winking face with tongue small hushed crying cat face with hand over mouth pinocchio relieved sunglasses angry face with horns grimacing face cold face woman farmer: light skin tone distrust frowning face blue speak-no-evil monkey kiss mark rolling tongue bandage see-no-evil monkey medium skin tone beaming face with smiling eyes anguished face with symbols on mouth surprised white hair savouring person: dark skin tone disappointed beating heart null kissing face delicious man surfing: medium-light skin tone silent man biking: light skin tone kiss: man, man face with tears of joy inexpressive purple heart woman judge: light skin tone pilot: medium-light skin tone man firefighter: light skin tone pregnant woman: light skin tone woman vampire: light skin tone face screaming in fear thumbs up: light skin tone man farmer: light skin tone woman firefighter: light skin tone superhero: light skin tone weols persevering face bored peace firefighter: medium-light skin tone vampire: medium-light skin tone anxious face with sweat loudly crying face victory hand: light skin tone woman judge: medium-light skin tone woman detective: light skin tone man in tuxedo: light skin tone ggeob man artist: medium-light skin tone prince: medium-light skin tone man fairy: medium-light skin tone woman fairy: medium-light skin tone grinning face with big eyes face without mouth face with monocle green heart call me hand: light skin tone man: bald man technologist: light skin tone construction worker: light skin tone cyebs medium-dark skin tone grinning cat with smiling eyes man mechanic: light skin tone man singer: medium-light skin tone