Unicode character symbol search engine

About us

Language is the crystallization of human wisdom and civilization, and an important carrier of cultural inheritance, development and prosperity. Unicode is a character encoding scheme developed by international organizations that can accommodate all the text and symbols in the world. In addition to the text we often use, unicode also includes currency symbols, language symbols, arrow symbols, emoji, ancient characters or other languages. Sometimes it is often necessary to enter or display some special matches on a computer or mobile phone. It is very inconvenient to use traditional input methods.

Teshuzi.com (UnicodeTable.com) has created a global character knowledge map and intelligent retrieval system based on unicode. It is convenient for users to quickly find and display the most wanted symbols, expressions, letters and texts. In addition, the special word also exclusively developed a unicode input system based on handwriting recognition. It is convenient for you to enter special symbols, emoji expressions and uncommon characters. At the same time, a handwriting recognition API is provided to give you quick access to your application.

Using help

You can quickly search for related keyword queries through the search box, such as RMB, Euro, USD, etc., or write handwritten characters, special symbols, emoji, etc. through handwriting recognition. Then copy the relevant text, symbols, and emoticons to the clipboard for pasting the input. Api customization please contact email 576844233(at)qq.com